22 December 2022
NortH2 to wrap up feasability phase When NortH2 started out in 2020, large scale green hydrogen was uncharted territory.  Gasunie and Shell realised that in order to make large scale
31 March 2022
As part of its One Planet strategy, the energy company Eneco has decided to join NortH2 as an investment partner.
14 October 2021
After a year and a half of mainly digital meetings, NortH2’s Project Leadership Team finally took a live fieldtrip again.
6 July 2021
The Dutch State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy announced her plans for a hydrogen infrastructure last week. Gasunie will take on the development of the hydrogen transmission network.
28 June 2021
NortH2 wants to produce large volumes of green hydrogen. The consortium is investigating three options for electrolysis: on a platform, on a man-made island, and directly in the wind turbines.
14 June 2021
‘Hydrogen is needed for many industrial applications that can only become climate-neutral in this way’
7 June 2021
“We should be talking about cutting carbon emissions, not pushing one technique or another!”
25 May 2021
The German government could not have been any clearer last year: hydrogen, and green hydrogen in particular, is crucial for the future energy system.
29 April 2021
Green hydrogen is emerging as the missing link in the energy transition, and yet it is still not commonly produced, and it is expensive. Ulco Vermeulen (member of the Gasunie
1 April 2021
We recently completed the first phase of the NortH2 feasibility study. These are the most important lessons learned from that research.
1 April 2021
‘In answer to society’s demands, in thirty years’ time our network will be transporting green gases, heat and CO2.’
29 March 2021
‘The Netherlands is a natural-gas country. In such a position, you simply cannot say no to an opportunity like hydrogen gas.’
29 March 2021
During the Industry and Energy Summit, the industry presented their ‘Offer to the Netherlands’: a programme of projects designed to enable Dutch industry to successfully make the climate transition.
16 March 2021
Erik Mobach: ‘Investing in hydrogen is a win-win for the climate and the economy. Given this, we at NortH2 support the appeal from the Hydrogen Coalition.”
4 March 2021
A Hydrogen Coalition, consisting of 38 organisations that range from environmental groups to industry will offer the new cabinet a broadly supported pact for the development of a Dutch hydrogen
2 March 2021
Gasunie’s HyStock Hydrogen Storage facility has begun preparations for testing. Over the next few months, Gasunie will investigate the effects of hydrogen on equipment, material, cement and the salt wall.
22 February 2021
Partly thanks to its unique infrastructure, the Netherlands, and the northern region of the Netherlands in particular, has been an energy hub for decades. Why is this the place to
8 February 2021
The EU wants to be climate-neutral by 2050. Achieving that goal requires drastic changes in the way we produce, store, transport and use energy and make it accessible. In sectors
22 January 2021
The NortH2 consortium has recently been reinforced with two new partners, meaning it was high time for the entire NortH2 team to come together online for a kick off. Keynote
6 January 2021
NOS 28 December 2020: Now that the gas tap in Groningen is being turned off, some 20,000 jobs are expected to disappear in the North in the next ten years. The
18 December 2020
Energeia ends the year with an artcle about an ambitious Minister of Economic Affairs who is well aware that national and European support for our hydrogen economy is desperately needed.
7 December 2020
Following the launch of the NortH2 project on 27 February 2020, Gasunie, Groningen Seaports and Shell Nederland welcome two new partners, RWE and Equinor to the consortium.